O. Fasalejo

Artist Statement: Visual Artist / Painter

Meet the acrylic painter and storyteller @oluwatobiloba__fasalej
Oluwatobiloba Fasalejo, born in 2000, is a Nigerian-based visual artist with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Education from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. His artistic journey is a deliberate fusion of African heritage and contemporary expression. Through the vibrant strokes of oil and acrylic, Fasalejo’s work illuminates themes of resilience and adaptability, with each canvas bearing faces that embody the enduring spirit of African culture.
Influenced by the fading memories of his grandmother, Fasalejo’s art captures the ephemeral nature of memory, enriched by tribal marks that serve as a profound connection to his roots. His participation in exhibitions across Nigera showcases not only his artistic prowess but also his unique cultural perspective. Fasalejo’s art, blending personal narrative with cultural identity, emerges as a distinctive voice in contemporary art, inviting viewers to explore the intricate layers of his heritage through each brushstroke.

Having been featured in international magazines like Shoutout Miami or Suboart Magazine, he is now ready to step into the international market with his artworks, and the SOCIAL MEDIA ART GALLERY is happy and proud to be the first who tells his story.

portrait of painter Oluwatobiloba Fasalejo in front of his artwork