No matter if you are a professional, an amateur or just a very passionate artist – your work is out there in the online world. You are receiving a great feedback for your work but that’s it – there isn’t real progress. Then the SOCIAL MEDIA ART GALLERY is the right partner for you.



Hi! I am Anna, your Art Agent.portrait of anna kristina stoffel art agent

My heart beats for all kinds of art as well as for content marketing. Therefore, in my professional life I decided to be an Online & Content Marketing Manager on the one hand, and to become the Founder of the one and only SOCIAL MEDIA ART GALLERY on the other hand.
Starting in 2018 with bringing online artists and their artworks into the real world through gallery events worldwide, I now support you by optimizing your digital representation and communication to grow your visibility and income as an artist. Because …

  • You have a story to tell but don’t know how?
  • You have a website but no one is visiting?
  • You have an exhibition but the right people don’t know about it?

… not only for “everyone” – but especially for the art industry the importance of the online presence increased rapidly within the last couple of years. And the competition does not sleep.

With many years experience in SEO, SEA, content marketing and community management I can support and help you as an artist to stand out from the crowd in the big digital world. Meanwhile you can put all your heart and energy in what you love doing – creating! 

As a nice add-on, your artwork will be offered as limited editions in the SOCIAL MEDIA ART GALLERY –  in our SoM E-Shop, at our 300 sqm permanent exhibition in the centre of Hamburg, Germany, and at future pop-up events.

Get in touch with me today and tell me about you!
I look forward to meeting you.

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