Wherever art goes from online to offline, you will hear it here first.

Our pop-up-gallery will be accessible in cities all over the world. Our shows will feature photography from social media channels on high-quality prints bringing artists and photography enthusiasts together face to face.




Hello North Europe! Hello Sweden! October is the time when you can meet us in the beautiful city of Sweden – Stockholm. We offer smartphone photography | landscape photography | street photography | wildlife photography | graphic design. Come and see  @cinnaavox @rustyfd912 @woodstokkz and @lorenz.weisse





View New York City Save the date banner

First time the Social Media Art Gallery is showing in the United States of America. We are excited to show the limited editions of our selected artists in the Big Apple from September 26 to 30, 2018. Take the chance to view and buy the photographs of @cinnaavox @rustyfd912 @woodstokkz and @lorenz.weisse

Save the date Johannesburg Art Fair July 12-15

See the selected artwork, signed and in limited edition, of the online photographers @cinnaavox | @woodstookz | @rustyfd912 and the local artist & illustrator Sarah-Kate Meyer from Cape Town.


Save the date banner for Social Media Art Gallery Hamburg

See the artwork of @cinnaavox | @woodstookz | @rustyfd912 and @wittegrafie  for the first time printed, signed and in limited edition! – From a small digital square to a real big wall.