STEAM ME UP by Max Streich


Maximilian Streich @maximilianstreich
“Steam me up”, 2019
Fine art print, 4 mm acrylic glass
50 x 75 cm

signed, edition 1 of 15

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Online Art goes offline.

The artwork Steam me up was published on social media in 2019 and got 11,319 likes so far.

photographer max streich


STEAM ME UP is an artwork by the street photographer Maximilian Streich who is based in Berlin and started with photography in 2009. He started to share his unique street photos – mainly of people walking outside during bad weather – on social media in 2016. Only within two years he gained thousands of fans and followers in the digital world.
SoMe Art Gallery makes it possible: first liking it online, then seeing it in the real world in our popup gallery and finally buying it – all artworks are in limited edition and hand signed by the social media artist.