Where online art goes offline. 

Art and photography is all around us. Everywhere and all the time. Sadly most of it is “imprisoned” inside the tiny screen of our mobile devices and therefore restricted. Art needs space to breathe and unveil its full potential. The good news: all of this is going to change with the world’s first pop-up gallery that brings social media art to life in the real world.

The SOCIAL MEDIA ART GALLERY is a stationary platform that expends your favorite social media channels. On the one hand, this one-of-a-kind gallery works as an offline platform exclusive to online photographers. On the other hand it’s a physical shop for photography enthusiasts all over the world. We set the trend of reverse development – from online to offline, from digital to analogue, from touchscreen to dialogue.


From digital to analogue – experience online art offline

You are able now to experience the work of the world’s most talented social media photographers in high-quality prints and even put them up in your own home. We offer them all in limited editions and hand signed by the social media artist.

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Artist consultancy

You have a story to tell but don’t know how? You have a website but no one is visiting? You have an exhibition but the right people don’t know about it? With many years experience in SEO, SEA, content marketing and community management art agent Anna can support and help you as an artist to stand out from the crowd in the big digital world.

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