The SoMe Art Gallery is the place where online photography comes to life.


We are all about the artist. That’s why we would like to showcase the people behind the art. All our featured artists are selected online photographers and social media artists whose work blows us away and we want the world to experience the art the way it truly deserves.

In this section you will find all information on our featured artists, where to see their work in real life and how to meet them in person for old school analogue dialogue.


Portrait June Lawrence cinnaavox


Meet our talented Social Media Photographer @cinnaavox in the SOCIAL MEDIA ART GALLERY. She is doing an amazing artwork by editing her photographs with special effects, which makes each piece unique.As a Canada enthusiast from Berlin, June Lawrence is traveling to Toronto as often as she can, taking pictures on the street or in the nature and meeting friends of her online community.At the SOCIAL MEDIA ART GALLERY you can buy a selection of her one-of-a-kind photographic prints. It is a limited edition and only available in our gallery.



Portrait Bastian Schertel woodstokkz


Meet our emerging Landscape Photographer@woodstokkz.When he is not cruising on board of the AIDA as a photographer and traveling around the world, he is hiking in the beautiful nature of the Alpes and capturing the moments with his camera forever.His talent to document things in a visual way brought him several cooperations and sponsorships in a very short period of time, e.g. with LUMIX/ Panasonics.



Porrait Rusty Wiles for Social Media Art Gallery


Meet our Firefighter and Photographer @rustyfd912 . He is a very good example of an online artist. Practicing as a firefighter in Fort Pierce, Florida, he started taking pictures with his smartphone after a 24-hour-shift driving back home. His creativity and unique view of colorful objects quickly made him the “Instagram Artist of 2014”. Also collectors paid attention on his minimalism photography. The SOCIAL MEDIA ART GALLERY saw him in the German magazine ART, got in touch with him via Social Media and now he is exhibiting and selling a limited selection of his work for the first time in a gallery.



Lorenz Weisse Portrait


Meet the young, creative and highly talented medical student from Switzerland @lorenz.weisse. Actually coming from a musical background, two years ago he bought his first photo camera and since then he is expressing his feelings in a visual way. With his photographs he documents a moment with clear lines and contrasts which encourages the observer to outdoor adventure. He got a recognizable own style of outdoor photography and with his young age of 18 his talent brought him already cooperations with Seeeyewear, woodwatch, and diverse hotel chains such as Cervo Zermatt.



photographer max streich
Meet the street photographer @maximilianstreich.Max got a recognizable own style of street photography which he represents on Instagram since 2016. Only within two years thousands of followers liked his images. He became ambassador for Nikon and joined the exhibition*Instagram Analog* at Berliner Museum für Kommunikation. Now he is ready for the next step to takeover the art market with the SOCIAL MEDIA ART GALLERY.⠀