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Online Art goes Offline

We are the first and only Gallery who does reverse development – art from online channels transformed into the offline world. Read more about the unique and one-of-a-kind business idea and the story behind it ….


The Why

Art is all around us. Everywhere and all the time. Sadly most of it is “imprisoned” inside the tiny screen of our mobile devices and therefore restricted. Art needs space to breathe and unveil its full potential. The good news: all of this has changed with the world’s first pop-up gallery that brings social media art to life in the real world.


The How

The Social Media Art Gallery is a stationary platform that expends your favorite social media channels. On the one hand, this one-of-a-kind gallery works as a platform exclusive to online artists to convert their work into limited art pieces from the screen to the wall. On the other hand it’s a place for art enthusiasts all over the world to meet in person. We set the trend of reverse development – from online to offline, from digital to analogue, from touchscreen to dialogue.


The What

Like, Share, Follow. We go a step further: only in the Social Media Art Gallery you are able now to buy the work of your favorite social media artist. Finally, you can put the limited, high-quality prints up on the wall in your own home. Each piece is hand signed by the artist and there is only a very limited number of the originals. Visit our Art Events in Europe and worldwide to meet the Social Media Artist you follow, or browse our Online Shop.

portrait of anna stoffel

“I founded the Social Media Art Gallery in 2018 to bring the creative and colorful social media world into the real world with more rarity and exclusivity. By making the online art available for everyone, finally the online talents enjoy the fame they deserve.”

Anna K. Stoffel


Our Vision is Our Mission

At the Social Media Art Gallery our vision is to create a gallery platform where people and art from all over the world meet face to face. We introduce online art talents and their followers to the reality world. We develop new synergies with all kind of art lovers and inspire with social media art and local artists. 


Do you like what we do? As we are a small Start-Up every donation helps us.

Online Marketing Service for Artists

In the art industry the importance of the online presence has increased rapidly within the last couple of years. And the competition does not sleep. The founder of the Gallery who is also a professional Marketing Manager with many years experience in SEO, SEA, content marketing and community management helps artists from all fields to stand out from the online crowd.


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