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We are a Start-up with a one-of-a-kind business idea. The Gallery is running by one person, the Founder Anna K. Stoffel. Therefore, we appreciate every kind of support and are grateful for PR.


Furthermore, we are always looking for partners and sponsors who are just as excited about the Social Media Art Gallery as we are ourselves and like to join us on this revolutionary journey – either by donating or cooperating.

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Press Archive

Cover of Magazine PhotoWeekly

Photo Weekly 19/2018 | May 9, 2018

Cover der PhotoWeekly mit Anzeige der Social Media Art Gallery in München
Anzeigentext für die Ausstellung in München der Social Media Art Gallery
Anzeige Presse mit Bildern von June Lawrence und Lorenz Weisse

Photo Weekly 49/2018 | December 5, 2018

presse article emotion magazine about social media art gallery

Emotion Magazin | May, 2018

portrait of anna stoffel

“I founded the Social Media Art Gallery in 2018 to bring the creative and colorful social media world into the real world with more rarity and exclusivity. By making the online art available for everyone, finally the online talents enjoy the fame they deserve.”

Anna K. Stoffel



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