Interested in Partnering or Advertising with us?

You are an Online Talent, a Full-time Artist or just an Art Lover who loves to collaborate with us – we are the perfect match for you. Please get in touch by using the for you suitable contact forms below.

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You are an Online Artist and want to Step into the Offline World?

Follower and Likes are nice – for the moment. But for the long run you would like to step into the art industry and actually earn money with your unique artworks. Then, the Social Media Art Gallery is the right partner for you!

Simply send an E-Mail, ideally with your portfolio or online profile, to the Gallery Owner Anna and she will get back to you as soon as possible. If she thinks you and your artworks could fit into the gallery concept, the first contact will be followed by a Video Call or personal meeting where both parts can chat and ask all the questions they have. The Must-Haves in our communication are Transparency and Respect. 

You are an Artist and need Support in Online Marketing?

No matter if you are a professional, an amateur or just a very passionate artist – your work is out there and you are receiving a great feedback for your work. But that’s it – there is no real progress. 

Then Anna, the founder of the Social Media Art Gallery and a professional and experienced Online Marketing Manager, is the right partner for you. Click the button to get more information about our Online Art Agency and Consultancy.

You are an Art Lover and would Like to Support the Social Media Art Gallery?

Running a gallery is hard work. Especially as a Start-up and a One-Person-Show. That’s why we also appreciate very much ♡ support from the community.

If you love art of all kinds and you love our unique gallery concept, you can support our talented artists and the Social Media Art Gallery in many different ways – entirely under the motto “Sky is the Limit”.

Either you like to donate and get a little corner on our website or ads; or you like to cooperate with us, like the 25h Hotel, by offering us a gallery room for a Pop-up Event or exhibition; or you love our business idea and like to write about us (have a look at our previous Press) … whatever it is, we are listening and very happy to hear from you.