Rusty wiles

Meet the talented @rustyfd912 . Rusty is a firefighter by heart. Practicing in Fort Pierce, Florida, he started taking pictures with his smartphone in 2014 and quickly the social media world made him to the “Instagram Artist of the year”. He is a very good example of an online talent. After his 24-hour-shift driving back home, he discovered his creativity and unique view of colorful objects. Also collectors paid attention on his minimalism photography as well as very-well known Art Journals. We found him in the German magazine ART, a double page of his colorful images just caught us. We got in touch with him via Instagram and in a short time he was exhibiting and selling a limited selection of his work for the first time in our gallery.

Porrait Rusty Wiles for Social Media Art Gallery


Orange blue yellow house
Ornage wall in Florida
Green House in Florida
Flamingo color house in Florida