Rusty wiles

Artist Statement: Minimalism Photographer

Meet the social media artist @rustyfd912. Rusty Glenn Wiles is a firefighter by heart. Practicing in Fort Pierce, Florida, his firefighter colleague showed Rusty the Instagram App in 2012. The father of three kids by then was impressed by the tool and two years later he decided to take snapshots with his smartphone while driving home from his 24-hours-shift. That was a very good decision because since then, Rusty amazes the online world with his one-of-a-kind minimalism – his special view for colorful objects – even Instagram itself honored him as the Artist of 2014. A very good example of an Online Talent which was born. Also collectors paid attention on his minimalism photography as well as very-well known Art Journals like New York The Magazine or Aesthetica

In 2018 the SOCIAL MEDIA ART GALLERY discovered him in the German print magazine ART – a double page of his colorful images just caught us. We got in touch with him via Instagram and in a short time he was exhibiting and selling his favorite selection of photographs as limited editions for the first time in the „offline“ world – in our gallery. 

portrait of fire fighter Rusty Wiles holding a camera