LEADING LINES by Max Streich


Maximilian Streich @maximilianstreich
“Leading Lines” 2019, signed
Fine art print, 4 mm acrylic glass
50 x 75 cm

limited edition of 15

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Online Art goes offline.

The artwork Leading Lines was published on social media in 2019 and got 5,056 likes so far.

photographer max streich

LEADING LINES is an artwork by Maximilian Streich. The Berlin based street photographer – who’s known as a “bad weather” photographer – captured a perfect moment when a single person was walking with an umbrella ☂ along the Oculus station building in New York City. Usually a very busy place, Max caught the place empty where a mirror reflection in the rain puddles is visible.⁠ Max started with photography in 2009. He started to share his photos on social media in 2016. Only within two years he gained thousands of fans and followers in the digital world. In 2019 he joined the Social Media Art Gallery to offer a selection in limited edition for the very first time. He decided to present the four selected photographs offline as a fine art print on 4 mm acrylic glass which emphasizes the water parts in his pictures perfectly.

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