LIGHT MY FIRE by Cinnaavox


June Lawrence @cinnaavox
“Light my fire” 2017, signed
Non-woven wallpaper, framed
40 x 50 cm w/ window mout

Limited edition of 20

*also available unframed in 15×20 with window mount (on request)


Online Art goes offline.

The art piece Light my fire for the was published online on September 19, 2017 and got 4,280 likes so far.

Portrait June Lawrence cinnaavox

LIGHT MY FIRE is a perfect visualization for love couples, created and published by the smart phone editor June Lawrence aka cinnaavox, who is based in Berlin and travels around the world to create her own world with the help of various smart phone Apps. Printed on non-woven wallpaper the colors and sparkles in the edited photograph make it to a special artsy gift for Valentine’s Day or Christmas season for your loved ones.

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