MORE THAN THIS by Oluwatobiloba Fasalejo


Oluwatobiloba Fasalejo @oluwatobiloba__fasalej
“More than this”, 2022
Acrylic on canvas
41 x 51 cm

Original, signed

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Artwork by Oluwatobiloba Fasalejoportrait of painter Oluwatobiloba Fasalejo in front of his artwork

The visual artist and storyteller Oluwatobiloba Fasalejo is our very first painter. In our gallery you can now buy three of his expressive artworks on canvas. As a Nigerian-based artist his artistic journey is a deliberate fusion of African heritage and contemporary expression. Through the vibrant strokes of oil and acrylic, Fasalejo’s work illuminates themes of resilience and adaptability, with each canvas bearing faces that embody the enduring spirit of African and black communities. Influenced by the fading memories of his grandmother, Fasalejo’s art captures the ephemeral nature of memory, enriched by tribal marks that serve as a profound connection to his roots. Fasalejo’s art, blending personal narrative with cultural identity, emerges as a distinctive voice in contemporary art, inviting viewers to explore the intricate layers of his heritage through each brushstroke. 


“Suddenly, you are ready to show the world a different side of you,
one that has been waiting to emerge.


MORE THAN THIS is an acrylic art piece on canvas. In this painting Fasalejo is telling about this feeling when you start seeing yourself in a whole new light, discovering hidden depths within you that were previously unseen. Suddenly, you are ready to show the world a different side of you, one that has been waiting to emerge. Stepping into this new light signifies not just a shift in perspective but a revelation of the individual you have evolved into – a version of yourself you never knew existed until now.


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