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Servus, Munich!

Overview of Munich

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DELUXE We are delighted to announce our next pop-up gallery event. Enjoy Christmas shopping of our unique artworks in the beautiful city of Munich from December 13 to 15, 2018.


kid and parents view social media art

Buy Limited Art in Our Online-Shop You have visited one of our pop-up exhibitions either in Germany, South Africa, the United States or in Sweden, and now you would like to buy an artwork you have liked? No problem – in our Artworks-Shop we offer our limited and hand signed Social Media Art with worldwide […]

Live soon!

Opening of the Social Media Art Gallery The launch of the Social Media Art Gallery is coming up soon. We are very excited and looking forward to our first opening in Hamburg. Finally you will meet your favorite social media artists and their work in real life. The gallery is an event platform with many […]

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