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Buy Limited Art in Our Online-Shop

You have visited one of our pop-up exhibitions either in Germany, South Africa, the United States or in Sweden, and now you would like to buy an artwork you have liked? No problem – in our Artworks-Shop we offer our limited and hand signed Social Media Art with worldwide delivery.

The Social Media Art Gallery is the only gallery who brings online art to the offline world – in limited edition and hand signed by the Social Media Artist. The digital prints are produced on high-quality material, the editions contain a maximum number of 20 art pieces, and each print is certified. 
In result, artworks you have seen on social media which you liked and shared, have turned now into a unique art piece with a higher value. 

For more information read our article “What does Limited Edition mean?”

Who are the artists?

As a unique gallery, we also have unique artists. They come from all over the world and have their very own story and art statement.  

In our gallery you meet Smartphone Editors, Firefighters, Outdoor and Street Photographers and Painters. All of them are highly talented and have potential to become emerging artists in the real world.

artist Cinnaavox with fan and follower at social media art gallery
Smartphone Editor Cinnaavox meeting a fan & follower in the real world at her first pop-up exhibition orgnaized by the SOCIAL MEDIA ART GALLERY.

Framed or unframed

In our Artworks-Shop we present the art pieces mostly framed and ready to hang on the wall. Nevertheless, most of our artworks are also available unframed, in case you like to choose a frame by yourself or simply like to reduce the delivery costs. Please send an E-mail with the request, mentioning the title of the artwork.

Now, are you ready to shop? Browse through our art selection and become a Social Media Art collector.

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