TORONTO by Cinnaavox

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June Lawrence @cinnaavox
“Toronto”, 2017
Canvas, brown shadow gap frame
140 x 108 cm
edition of 10

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portrait of artist june lawrence aka cinnaavox holding a canon camera in front of face

Introducing our talented Social Media Artist Cinnaavox, also known as June Lawrence from Berlin. Her journey with photography began at the young age of 16 when she received her first reflex camera. In 2015, she delved into Instagram and discovered the art of photo editing. Since then, Cinnaavox has collaborated with renowned brands such as Sony Xperia and Reebok. Her creativity was recognized by Adobe in 2018, naming her one of the top ten most innovative smartphone editors. The Social Media Artist is celebrated for her edited photographs that showcase unique special effects, giving each piece a distinctive touch. What sets her apart is her method of editing all her images solely using various apps on her smartphone, creating art with just her thumb on a small screen. This is why she is called a Smartphone Editor.


The art piece Toronto by Cinnaavox was first shared on Instagram on May 10, 2017
and received more than 2,727 likes.

label of the artwork toronto by cinnaavox

is an art piece on canvas in a brown wooden shadow gap frame. Cinnaavox captured a famous Toronto corner using her professional camera, then transferred and edited the image on her smartphone with various apps to craft her unique reality. The artwork by the size of 140 by 108 cm provides a calm and cozy atmosphere.

The Social Media Art Gallery showcases Cinnaavox’s digital creation as a physical artwork, allowing admirers to experience it in person at our pop-up events and even purchase it as a limited edition, a signed print for their homes.
This artwork is offered in various sizes, frames of different colors, or as unframed pieces. If you can’t locate it in our online store, feel free to contact us via email at for assistance. We are eager to assist you.