BALCONY by Rusty Wiles (canvas)

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Rusty Wiles @rustyfd912
“Balcony”, 2018
Canvas, framed
30 x 30 cm

Limited edition 1 of 20

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Online Artwork BALCONY goes offline.Portrait Rusty Wiles for Social Media Art Gallery

Meet firefighter Rusty Wiles from Florida. He is making a name for himself as a rising star in the art world for his minimalist style. His journey to fame began with his distinctive and vibrant architectural photos on Instagram, captured during his drive home after long shifts as a firefighter. His talent caught the eye of the Social Media Art Gallery featured in a German ART magazine, recognizing him as a promising artist from social media. The gallery reached out to Rusty through Instagram, leading to his first collaboration with an art gallery in no time.


The artwork Balcony was published on March 9, 2018
and got 1,693 Likes so far.

label of artwork balcony by rusty wiles

The art piece BALCONY is presented in a shadow frame on canvas as part of an architectural series that includes FLAMINGO, FLORIDA GREEN, and ORANGE. Whether you prefer to display it individually, in pairs, as a trio, or all four together in your home is entirely up to you. Known for his minimalist approach, he maintains simplicity even in his social media captions, as we can see at the above label.

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