ORANGE SMOKE by Cinnaavox (2/20)

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June Lawrence @cinnaavox
“Orange Smoke”, 2017
Non-woven wallpaper, framed
15 x 22,5 cm

Limited edition No. 2 of 20

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Online Artwork goes offline.

portrait of artist june lawrence aka cinnaavox holding a canon camera in front of face

Meet Cinnaavox, aka June Lawrence, a talented Social Media Artist from Berlin. She started her photography journey at the age of 16, delved into photo editing on Instagram in 2015, and has since collaborated with major brands like Sony Xperia and Reebok. Cinnaavox’s unique editing style earned her recognition among the top ten smartphone editors by Adobe in 2018. She stands out for her creativity in using smartphone apps to edit all her images with just her thumb on a small screen. Her work features distinctive special effects, giving her pieces a unique flair.


The art piece Orange Smoke was published on August 14, 2017
and got 4,806 Likes so far.

label of artwork orange smoke by cinnaavox


ORANGE SMOKE is our bestseller. Art Enthusiasts from Johannesburg, New York City, Hamburg and Stockholm love the timeless artwork by the smart phone editor Cinnaavox. The artwork numbered 2 out of 20 is printed on German non-woven wallpaper and presented in a black wooden frame. This smaller version is ideal for combining with other artworks, as demonstrated in the picture featuring the piece in a hotel room at Villa Viva Hotel in Hamburg.

The Social Media Art Gallery makes it possible and brings Cinnaavox edited reality as an artwork to the offline world. Let’s summarize: after liking the unique image online, you are viewing it now in the real world at our pop-up events – and you can even buy it for your walls at home, in limited edition and signed by the Social Media artist.

The artwork is also available in different sizes, framed in different colors, or even unframed available. If you cannot find it in our Online Shop, please get in touch with us. Simply send an E-Mail to We are happy to help you.




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Dimensions 15 × 22,5 cm