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Are you a professional artist and now ready for the online stage?



My name is Anna K. Stoffel and I launched the SOCIAL MEDIA ART GALLERY in 2018 to bring online art to the offline world.

Now, after three years of pandemic, it is more important than ever also to bring you, as a professional artist, into the online world. Therefore, I am here for you – as your new Online Art Agent.

opening speech about launch of social media art gallery by anna stoffel
The Social Media Art Gallery was launched in 2018 by a pop-up event in Hamburg, Germany

Coming from a professional background of online marketing and running a gallery with social media artists, I got the understanding of both sides – the needs of an artist and the best user experience of an art lover – to support you successfully in growing your online business.

It can be any kind of support – e.g. developing an entire online concept or building a perfect website presence, setting up an editorial plan for content marketing on social media or building the right network through community marketing – it is all depending on the artists’ needs and objectives.


Artist’s objectives could be:

  • gaining more (online) sales
  • winning more gallery cooperations
  • having more solo events
  • simply developing fame
  • and more


Do you as an artist need support in those online art agent services? If yes, in which fields of online services would you be most interested in?

  • overall concept of the digital communication about you and your art
  • website building / optimization
  • content marketing strategy
  • editorial setup and plan for social media content
  • SEA (online advertising)
  • community marketing

Please let me know in the comment field or send me an e-mail. Thank you!

If you would like to talk with me about how I can support you personally as an Online Art Agent, just drop me a line via e-mail



gallery owner anna stoffel at her opening of social media art gallery

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