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Are you an Artist and now ready for the Online Stage?

Great, because I can help you to stand out from the online crowd.
My name is Anna, I am the Founder of the Social Media Art Gallery. I am also an experienced Online Marketing Manager and I can support you with the right marketing for you and your artworks.


After three years of pandemic, the art world has changed. Art fairs, exhibitions and shows are still important but Art Lovers have changed their habits and are much more open to online art shopping and visits of virtual galleries. It has become more important than ever to bring you, as a professional artist, and your artworks into the online world and make it visible and accessible for everyone. Therefore, I am here for you – as your new Online Art Agent.


My background

Running a gallery with Social Media Artists since 2018, I am actually coming from a different Area of Expertise. After my Master’s Degree in Marketing I worked in Sales, Business Development, Talent Acquisition and since eight years in Online Marketing for different groups of companies or agencies. 

Deciding in 2018 to run a side business and become a Founder of an Art Gallery, allows me now to understand both sides – the needs of an Artist and the best user experience as an Art Lover.

opening speech about launch of social media art gallery by anna stoffel
The Social Media Art Gallery was launched in May 2018 by a Pop-up Event in Hamburg, Germany


How does the Art Agent Service work?

I am here to support you in growing your online business successfully. This means it is a customized service for you as an individual artist. It can be any kind of support – for example developing an entire online concept for your online presence, or building a perfect website for your artworks, setting up an editorial plan for content marketing on social media platforms, or building the right network for you through community management.

It is all depending on your needs and objectives as an Artist.

Artist’s objectives could be:

  • gaining more (online) sales
  • winning more gallery cooperations
  • having more solo art shows
  • or simply developing fame


We will discuss your objectives in a personal meeting, either face-to-face or in a video-call. While an honest and transparent chat is prerequisite for cooperation, there can be different service packages or single projects.

Ask yourself first in which fields of online services would you be most interested in.
To give you an idea, it could be …

My Online Marketing Services: 

  • overall concept of the digital communication about you and your art
  • website building and/or optimization, including search engine optimization (SEO)
  • content marketing strategy, including the right storytelling
  • editorial setup and plan for social media content
  • online advertising with effective targeting (SEA)
  • community management


Are any of the above mentioned online marketing activities of interest for you? Then let us have a first a non-binding chat how I can support you as your Online Art Agent. Just drop me a line via E-Mail or visit my LinkedIn profile and connect with me.


I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Your Art Agent Anna


gallery owner anna stoffel interview at the turbine art fair
Exhibitor interview at the Turbine Art Fair in Johannesburg, South Africa


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