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What Does "Limited Edition" mean in the Art World?

The Social Media Art Gallery not only brings amazing art from social media channels into the real world but also adds a certain rarity to the artwork. We explain how ….

The Social Media Art Gallery is a unique space and destination, where art enthusiasts come to explore, appreciate, and acquire affordable artwork sourced from the vibrant online social media realm. Established in 2018, the gallery has been dedicated to the nurturing of emerging and talented digital artists worldwide. By discovering remarkable creative talents on various social media platforms, we collaborate closely with our clients to transform and leverage their digital artworks into tangible masterpieces. Our diverse collections encompass original limited edition handmade prints, photography, paintings, and drawings, offering art lovers the opportunity to own, enjoy and celebrate such captivating creations.

So now the visual is haptic, what else differentiates our art from its social media origin?

Original Prints

We as a unique gallery, are specialized in introducing online art to the offline world and add a certain rarity to the artwork. How do we achieve this? We promote online art only as original and limited prints. 

So every artwork we offer is considered a limited edition, creating a sense of exclusivity and value for art collectors. But what exactly does “limited edition” mean?
Let us begin with the how, followed by the why.

How is a limited edition created?

A limited edition involves producing a restricted number of copies of artwork or prints. The determination of this number is typically under the control of, in this case, the artist or photographer responsible for its release. However, with the emergence of digital reproduction, traditional dynamics have been somewhat altered, as this technology has in essence made both individual and mass editing much more accessible.

As the saying goes, “rare things are expensive,” and it holds true in the realm of art, that the scarcity of copies does directly drive up the value of photography, reproductions or editions.

What are the characteristics of a limited artwork?

Now as we know what a limited edition means, it is useful to know how it should be visible on an art print. First of all, limited edition artworks should be marked with a serial number and the artist’s signature. Another best practice for limited editions is to provide a certificate of authenticity, issued and signed by the artist when selling the print. We, at SOCIAL MEDIA ART GALLERY, adhere to both practices. Each artwork in our collection is personally signed by the artist. And only a restricted number of these pieces are available in the art market overall.

“Et voila! Implementing these practices creates a sense of rarity for the artworks.”

Typically, the number of prints in a limited edition is simply not unlimited, as there is no regularity in determining the quantity. But as we have come to understand – the higher the number of prints or editions, the lower an artwork’s value. This is why, in our gallery, we exclusively offer limited editions with a maximum of 20 copies. Once all 20 signed originals in the edition have been sold, no additional prints from that edition will be available in the market.

Et voila! Implementing these practices creates a sense of rarity for the artworks you have encountered on social media. From scrolling, liking, and sharing we transcend visuals into tangible longevity displayed in your home.

Who determines the value of an artwork?

Can you relate to having experienced that moment – while leisurely wandering around a captivating art gallery, where you can’t help but ponder over the prices adorning the displayed artworks? This is purely a natural curiosity that arises within us. Now let’s delve deeper into the fascinating topic of how the value of an artwork is determined.

In the world of art, value is shaped by two key factors: Its rarity, and the reputation of the artist behind it. Such elements play a significant role in establishing a fundamental principle-rare and renowned works of art tend to hold higher value in the market.

An intriguing question arises, however: Who holds the power to ascertain the precise sales price?

Surprisingly, the answer is none other than you, the buyer. Your personal decision to invest in particular artwork at a specific price inherently becomes a defining factor in determining its value. In fact, by expressing your willingness to purchase a piece, you’re contributing to the potential further increase in its worth … Until a transaction takes place, the artwork remains devoid of assigned value, and rather awaiting the opportunity to showcase its true worth.

Finally, the next time you find yourself captivated by a masterpiece in a gallery, remember that it is you who holds the power to shape its value, through your very own perception and desire to own it. It is your powerful discerning eye and appreciation that breathes life into the monetary value of art.

How is the limited edition visible and secured at the Social Media Art Gallery?
Artwork certified by artist of Social Media Art Gallery
The back of a limited edition, numbered, signed by the artist, and certified by the Social Media Art Gallery

Certificate of Authenticity

Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. This document is personally signed and numbered by the artist, ensuring its legitimacy and uniqueness.

Unique numbering

Our limited edition prints are also assigned a specific number within the total edition size, adding an extra layer of security, and accountability.

Such measures combined, ensure public visibility of limited edition prints, and provide security and authenticity to our buyers and collectors.

The artworks you have seen on social media which you liked and shared, have turned now into a unique art piece with a higher value in the Social Media Art Gallery. Have a look at the currently available pieces in our Art-Shop.


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